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Industry News
[2016-03-21] A Shortage of Labor Management Vacuum Needs Be Filled

The lock is a sunrise industry? "More 50 list every day, when less when there are more than 20." Shenzhen & times; & times; Wang Kaisuo service co., LTD., guangzhou branch controller introduces, at present, the lock market is very big, some ...

[2016-03-21] Congratulations to Blue Shield Intelligent Lock Won the Gold Medal Award

Congratulations to blue shield intelligent lock on sales of 300 units, the gold medal award, all to encourage. Did you get the dealers, please continue to work hard.

[2016-03-21] Congratulations on Your Company Smart Remote Anti-theft Lock Export to Europe

Because the company production of stealth anti-theft lock remote control from remote security with outstanding quality recognised by the European merchants, now Spain, Portugal some merchants have signed general agent in Washington with me. Export European suc...

[2016-03-21] Stealth Anti-theft Lock Remote Control Will Replace Traditional Locks

Because of using traditional lock external lock design theory, as long as there is the existence of the lock, lock molecules theres always a way to open the lock or disrupt locks, so, no lock anti-theft lock design of traditional lock will be eliminated in the...

[2016-03-21] Southern Television Companies in Washington Exhibition Booths


[2016-03-21] Companies to Participate in the 4th China International Fair Lock Overwhelming Market Response

Company on May 12, 2014 to participate in the 4th China international exposition lock, because the company specializing in the production of household stealth anti-theft lock remote control design is novel, practical, timely and effective to solve the most urg...

[2016-03-21] WAFU Hires 200 Regional Sales Managers

In order to quickly open the Chinese household security market, the company is now starting today for 200 sales area manager. Requirements are as follows: 1, college degree or above 2, with sales experience is preferred 3, integrity, character, cheerful 4, can...

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