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A Shortage of Labor Management Vacuum Needs Be Filled

Release date:2016-03-21 16:34:43
The lock is a sunrise industry? 
"More 50 list every day, when less when there are more than 20." Shenzhen & times; & times; Wang Kaisuo service co., LTD., guangzhou branch controller introduces, at present, the lock market is very big, some businesses have to give up because of my lack of manpower. There is a market for someone will do, and even don't have much real technology of locksmith unlock business also, but there is a big difference, lock and lock, there are few real unlock professionals. 
It is understood that at present guangzhou only unlock company and with key point file has more than 1000, lock industry practitioners at least more than 4000 people, mostly from personnel of course of study without professional training. "The lock industry is also a windfall industry." A lock head, said to general family lock open is in 150 yuan to 200 yuan, at least also want to charge 100 yuan. While the open, such as the bank ATM machines, for thousands of yuan. At present, the company a dozen employees, turnover in 5000 yuan every day. 
Monitor should be included in the special industry? 
Because the country is not a formal uniform industry standard, the current lock market is very chaotic, lay in some type of liquidity lock and part of the larger jumbly a legal registered by the ministry of commerce and industry company. When citizens need the lock, in the face of overwhelming unlock advertising have no choice, some even cheated. 
According to introducing, the lock industry in China used to be supervised by a public security organ as a special industry. But in recent years, the public security department canceled the locks maintenance and lock industry as a special industry regulation, the relevant units or individuals can get the ministry of commerce and industry of license can open stalls, including the engaged in the lock. 
Anyone can learn to pick the lock? 
Literally search on the Internet, including guangzhou, some of the so-called "learn the lock technology" information very much, these ads indicate "professional training in a word, cross lock lock, car lock, lock safe such as the perfection of replacement and open". Some advertising even promised "BaoJiao package", regardless of experience to learn personnel, etc., even despite the presence of a criminal record. 
How to prevent the lock technology is not some outlaws use? Shenzhen & times; & times; Wang Kaisuo service co., LTD., guangzhou branch, said, now this problem can only rely on industry self-discipline, return an unlock some recruit apprentice is strictly recommended through friends or relatives, the apprentice years of strict education. 
For shenzhen & times; & times; Wang Kaisuo service company in the recruitment of 20 apprentices, according to introducing, in order to ensure that they are not used for illegal purposes, the company requires the candidates must be issued by local police station proof of no criminal record, at the same time over the identity of the apprentice details such as registration, at the same time the company to apprentice will also strict ideological and moral education, if someone found useful in the training, will be eliminated, strict "it 20 people, it is estimated that there are five I can really learning achievement is good." 
Who was the use of the? 
Due to the absence of regulation, some legal unlock company, after is the use of controversial liability issues. It is feared that the lock personnel on call, don't ask, don't even request unlock very name people who, "as long as give money to the lock", once the use is to become "accomplice" illegal crime molecules. 
"Under normal circumstances, the company sent the lock should verify request unlock personnel in the houses, vehicles and other relevant certificates, only can confirm request unlock personnel is the rightful owner of these houses, cars and so on, and registered according to the provisions of, to be able to open the lock." The head of thought, the lock industry should have a unified standard industry standards, employees should comply with the uniform professional standards. 
The lock industry is expected to standardize management recently 
In 2005, the ministry of Labour and social security issued a "locks the repairman national professional standard (trial)" (hereinafter referred to as the "standard"), the "standard" regulation, locks the repairman career is defined as "lock installation, replacement and technical opening staff". This suggests that the lock staff should conform to the national professional standards, to work in the lock service. Professional standards, but industry standards and how should do? 
Recently, the national two meetings held in Beijing is also the news, the ministry of public security to handle the 4th meeting of the proposal to the committee of the Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC) ten commitments of progress report shows, is four times the national committee of the 10th conference 2551 on the bat, clamp down on "unlock company" proposal ", said the ministry of public security, aiming at the problems in the current lock industry management, the ministry of public security administration have jointly with the state administration for industry and commerce jointly drafted the relevant notice, prepare issued in the near future, standard lock industry management work, and at the same time, in the rectification of the lock industry management experience, to promote the legislation introduced to build the foundation. 




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