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Release date:2016-03-21 16:39:10
As the saying goes, "three hundred and sixty-five lines, line out of the top". Lived in coastal ocean west road, an artist, general lock can be opened within 1 minute, the special structure of the anti-theft lock can be opened within 5 minutes. He studied a lot of lock structure, material, she open the lock. He is a locksmith Wang Zhicheng. 
Wang Zhicheng interview, he was a cobbler near stall with a band playing chess, people say, at the edge of his chess very talented, people do not have the booth in a nearby is his opponent, there are many professional man looking for him, and he will concentrate the chess, threw the chores aside. A cobbler said with a smile: "he is a very clever man." 
Brilliant, maybe is to make Jiang Zhicheng lock as a master. 
In the early 1980 s, wang chih Chen achievement of junior high school graduation started school gang unlock at old taizhou middle school, shoes, repair the bike, then put the booth to renmin road, earn their livelihoods from the craft, but because at that time the lock technology is not very good, plus these also is the life of mixed mouth food, by the end of the 80 s, he began turning clothing business in sichuan and other places, because of his well-run, colorful clothing business. 
He would like to open the lock, the industry may be his bones in the clothing business, free he always take some lock to modify, read some books about this, but what really made him a master lock, met while he was doing clothing business in sichuan this aspect of a player. The man surnamed wang, also at that time is more than 70 years old, his professional unlock stand beside the Wang Zhicheng, old wang is famous in the local, no matter how many difficult to open the lock, all is solved to him by the hand, very magical. 
Wang Zhicheng is want him to come to hand, the technology of the is often ran to befriend with him, but when it comes to word, the old man would be rebuffed, Wang Zhicheng later learned that the old man surnamed wang, also will discuss together with his family tree about things, two people chat more and more congenial. Finally the old man was moved by his perseverance, finally agreed to accept wang chih Chen become a disciple, but must help him work for a year, Wang Zhicheng immediately over the business in hand, undivided attention to learn the lock technology, after a year of hard work to learn, finally Wang Zhicheng politics, whatever the lock, he doesn't need any key will open in a few minutes. 
In 2000, he opened a professional unlock shop to their hometown, fame is more and more big, slowly later, several nearby village, hit the home key can't open will be looking for him, business is getting better and better. A summer of 2002, live in a house in fukang village, a four-year-old child locked the door, because the age is too small don't know how to open the door in the inside, the family try also to no avail, the way a child has been locked in the room cry dumb voice, his family is very worried, then someone called Wang Zhicheng to help. Wang Zhicheng there, less than a minute to open the door, the hand of the child's family holding Wang Zhicheng bother to thank. 
Post in 2004, the municipal public security bureau to unified management, the city all the lock shop Wang Zhicheng unlock shop was listed in the first management object, and from then on, Wang Zhicheng have the public security organ to send unlock licence, got to work that would be more satisfactory. One day in 2007, live in a house in districts in cooking, because something temporary downstairs running outside, hurriedly forgot to bring my keys, wait him back to get in the door. When the gas burner has been on fire in the home, situation is very critical, the family called the police, while the phone to call Wang Zhicheng, when he got to 110 police to the scene already, then it's no use Wang Zhicheng several minutes to open the door, near the present police and the people get the praise. 
Wang chih Chen Lin, now new locks do much more refined, some lock with the help of instrument, but each see off key anxiously by the parties, and to help them unlock the looks of delight, he felt the work is very meaningful.

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