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Dongguan Migrant Steal Officials, the Property Involved More than 200

Release date:2016-03-21 16:37:49
Dongguan migrant steal officials After being caught to report people to party 
[abstract] tang yan, she is the "official" female thief room greetings friend, once local media called "after 80 female thief king". When two people are working in dongguan. 
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In 2012, stole the then director of guizhou bureau of Cheng Mengren office, a tang yan photos of stolen goods and display Cheng Mengren identity information (benban images are provided by the respondents) 
Broadcast to tencent weibo 



A tang yan to the police and prosecutors to write on the guarantee of some of the stolen goods 
Dialogue figures 
Tang yan, born in 1984, hunan people, junior high school degree. She is "official" female thief room greetings friend, once local media called "after 80 female thief king". 
Dialog background 
Recently, shaanxi Bin County greetings to report said he commit crime eight women's room, but only six cases of was investigated, and the two case has not been investigated is stolen hefei two officials, the property involved more than 200. To this, the police in hefei, explained the two case made no mention of, because they are syndicates, the police are pursuit related members. Police said that the gang, led by Lin so-and-so, and behind the scenes manipulation, provided by the lock technology, yan-ping tang room at such a time of pregnancy and postpartum a yan tang of the implementation of theft in the near future. 
Yesterday, tang yan told Chinese, yan-ping tang is her elder brother, Lin so-and-so is her ex-husband. Tang yan told Chinese, oneself in lishui, zhejiang province in 2009 after the crime had been caught, at the time the media called "xiangxi after 80 female thief king". Reporters of the reported finding, in 2009, zhejiang media reported that the police send warning information: lishui city appeared a specially the thief steal the leadership of the office, and is a thief. On August 1, 2009, is preparing to don a yan in xiaoshan to Qingdao flights were arrested at the airport, after being a guarantor pending trial. The police then find out the cases involved in jiangsu, hunan, zhejiang and other places in 13, involving a value 70 ten thousand yuan. 
Is taken by stealing bank office in 2009 
Chinese: what state you are now? 
Some yan tang: I now during the period of bail, lishui as you asked me over to the police. I was zhejiang lishui was caught for stealing in 2009, due to her pregnancy was to obtain a guarantor pending trial. Due to his law and present himself, has not been classified as online the escaped prisoner. On April 3 this year, I got caught by the police in lishui again, because lactation on April 17, is to obtain a guarantor pending trial. To obtain a guarantor pending trial after this time, I in handling the education of police officer, confessed all his crimes, hoping to provide a clue to the commission for investigation corruption cases, merit for commutation. I was hoping to give goods to zhejiang police, have never thought in May after got caught by the police in hefei, stolen goods are all button. 
Chinese: what goods are? How are the buckle? 
Some yan tang: all of the things I have compiled a list, I was going to to zhejiang. But after I got caught by the police in hefei, they let me go back to your room at such a time a stolen card back. When I was still on the road, they caught my brother yan-ping tang, my brother to take them to my house in zhuhai, I stolen over the years, photos, and officials to report material inside, and all have gone to hefei. 
Chinese: when did you begin to steal something? When caught in 2009, has made many cases? Was stolen? 
A tang yan: I'm from 2008 began to commit crime, because at that time, met a friend. She said if stealing is a corrupt official, they generally do not report, and not betray your own soul. I don't remember what made in 2009 cases. I steal official office, basic it is departmental level. In lishui was caught because in lishui a bank office stole SiWuKuai watches, omega, radar, etc. 
Chinese: the media reported that you travel by plane commit crime, is it? 
Some yan tang: fly a few times. I also know that high cost by plane, but you can't imagine how many things, some officials office take something to sell, the cost will be back. 
A time meet with room is working in dongguan 
Chinese: you how time met with room? She knew what you steal? 
A tang yan: we are working in dongguan in 2012, she didn't know I steal something. We both commit crime, but she is from when to start, how to do, I do not know. Later because our relationship is good, I sometimes brag, will say to steal something. But we are not gang. 
Chinese: why did the room time handed you a stolen card? 
Some yan tang: because she has a case, I also have a case, say a bit too selfish, I also want to college. We have a good relationship, room time think these things in the body is not convenient, with her mine in trust. I told her, you don't need to buy so many things, such as changzhou case trial, you can take these gift CARDS as your reporting materials. I was told her, if you think I said right, you listen to. 
Chinese: she took in the scene photos to you? 
Some yan tang: she not only give me pictures of a person, she also gave several people. 
If anyone steal to make a phone call to confirm before office 
Chinese: report your material says you stole a lot of units, why did you steal the unit? 
Some yan tang: you can say that, I never do to people. Which unit, is random, I usually directly to look for the leadership of the office. If this man is nothing in the room, I won't move his stuff; Only that there are mountains of gifts in the room, I didn't get it. 
Chinese: do you remember what stole the total unit yourself? 
Some yan tang: this I don't remember it now. I am not out to do every year. 
Chinese: you steal these units, usually choose what time? Afraid of someone? 
Some yan tang: usually at noon rest time after work, afternoon after work. 
Chinese: the police informed you have the address book of officials all over the country, the address book is how to? 
Some yan tang: those contacts are in hefei, police from my place to get is my job. Have a plenty of officials in the office when I steal something by the way, could you take, because a lot of official contacts will have other unit the leadership of the telephone, also have a plenty of I bought it to other friends. Is mainly used to make a phone call to confirm if the other party is off work. Arouses suspicion because the afternoon off work, knocked at the door, can only make a phone call to confirm if anyone in the room. 
Never take photos threat officials took pictures in order to redeem oneself by good service in the future 
Chinese: after something stolen, how will you deal with? 
Some yan tang: in addition to gift CARDS and cigarettes, other things I in the place to live. Because sometimes don't have money, I will take out the card to sell, so I know every place. Gift market is very clear. 
Chinese: besides you sell gift CARDS and cigarette, the rest of the goods is still in? 
Some yan tang: now all be hefei police detained. 
Chinese: bulletin said the police, you steal when taking pictures, and then also pose a threat to those officials, have such a situation? 
A tang yan: no. Take out the photos I have absolutely no threat to the officer, more not blackmail them. I took pictures, is in order to redeem oneself by good service in the future. 
Chinese: notified the police of "XXX" Lin is your former boyfriend? 
Some yan tang: he is my husband, he didn't steal anything, why should he be pursuit, I don't know. My brother yan-ping tang also didn't steal, I heard my mother say that he was caught, that day just a police station to apply for police in dongguan, was speaking on the second day go to work. (crying) our family all blame me to my brother now is also involved. I was sending him a copy of Courier, that is a time to send my bank card, let me help look after her, she said I was after receive, feel on his body is not convenient, again afraid lose, will forward to my brother in the past, wanted him to help me in my houses in zhuhai. 
Chinese: are you in zhejiang in 2009 after being caught, because of pregnancy was to obtain a guarantor pending trial, I heard that you gave birth to three children, children who in now? 
A tang yan: yes, the first secondary are twins, was born I with her ex-husband. We divorce in July last year, and gave him two children. The third child was born and I now boyfriend, now the child is in a belt on my own. 
Chinese: how are you getting along with her ex-husband, after divorce, have a relationship between you? 
Some yan tang: connection is certainly there, because we have a common child. 
Now want to give their children to take on all her daughter finally happy 
Chinese: you are caught in April this year in zhejiang, the police because you 2009 case to catch you before, this time why do you want to come clean so many police don't have the case? Not afraid to get another? 
Some yan tang: I want to settle in one go. Because my child so much, I don't want to go to jail when someone come to see me again, again retrial, that my life is so blur. I not as good as a one-time clear, the judge how long how long I was sentenced to me, I am willing to accept legal for all my decision. 
Chinese: you know you account of the case, there are two officials have lok ma? 
Some yan tang: I know, it is 2012 Ren Guizhou of rural credit cooperatives to the Wang Shujun Ren Guizhou bureau of long Cheng Mengren and 2012. I'm going to put my material and photos to lishui police report, found in the two people already fall, I was kidding case officer said, still my merit report clues was missing two. 
Chinese: are you have any plans for your future? 
A tang yan: now I take the children on your side, waiting for the verdict, I want to give daughter finally happy. No matter how long sentence, if the result good, I hope to go to jail, can have a good with children, I never don't want to do such a thing again. If it is not a time to speak, I don't want to put the things so big, because this is not what glorious thing after all. Besides, I have a child, I just want to have a good life, bring their children. 
Chinese journalists Wang Lili 
Journalists to verify 
Report by officials for two people in the fall 
Tang yan told Chinese reporters, in April this year, after she is zhejiang lishui police arrested, detailed account for more than 2009 years after the stolen fact official of the office, and have the office when photographs, she also to lishui police report submitted to the relevant material, with a list of stolen goods. Yesterday, zhejiang lishui police Chinese reporter confirmed that a tang yan did metasomatism a police did not grasp the case, but the situation still need to verify one by one. 
A tang yan said she submitted a report to the party's website materials containing 5 photo, and provides three receipt code, to the Chinese press reporters through the CPC website url query in the query, one receipt code query results show that email you reflect the problem of this web site has been received. The other two shows: in accordance with the principle of "grading is responsible for, centrally handle", email you reflect the problem of this web site has the discipline inspection commission of hunan province. 
A tang yan for Chinese journalists sent a report material, tells the story of her theft seven officials in office since 2009, also attach himself when we take pictures of the stolen goods. Reporter learned two officials have lok ma query. 
Tang yan said, one day in July 2012, she entered the guizhou province rural credit cooperatives building 15 floor of a room. On his desk, according to employee's card owner named Wang Shujun, chairman is in guizhou province rural credit cooperatives. Her drawer in the office with a seven or eight sets of zodiac commemorative COINS, several sets of silver, 5 yuan face value of the fourth set of RMB 200, the founding of the three copies of money, a dozen silver, platinum, gold jewelry, bars, etc. Chinese journalists to verify found, in July 2013, Wang Shujun organization investigation for alleged violations. Previously, someone on the Internet real-name, according to the report from 2010 to January 2010, Wang Shujun suspected of bribery, more than 900 900 yuan, and another 2 kg of gold. 
Tang yan said, the evening of October 10, 2012, she went to the door of room 802, guizhou bureau of. The famous brand display on the table, he is the director of bureau of guizhou province Cheng Mengren. See a lot of gifts in the cupboard, such as cigarettes, cordyceps sinensis, maotai. She took an apple in a drawer notebook computer and some gold jewelry, a longines watch, two or three sets of gold and silver COINS, a white bracelet. On April 24, 2014, the CPC website said in a news release that Cheng Mengren in served as deputy director of guizhou province transportation hall, director-general of the period, along with his mistress, accepting bribes from the huge serious breach of CPC party disciplines and decision expelled from the party office. On May 19, went on trial Cheng Mengren and his mistress. Prosecutors believe that Cheng Mengren colluding with others or accepting property alone together a total of more than 20.57 million yuan. 

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