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Huizhou Husband Early Forget to Close the Door the Thief Home Invasion of Wealth of Color

Release date:2016-03-21 16:36:37
SMW - The reporter Tan Xiaoyu guang-jun zhang intern The correspondent Chen YanXiangYi husband get up early work forget to close the door, the thieves burglary, do see color, rape the hostess. Yesterday, daya bay court criminal judgment of first instance to a robbery, rape, sentence the defendant Dai Mou robbery sentenced to 11 years to $4000 fine, rape sentenced to 11 years, combined punishment for several crimes, execution of imprisonment 15 years $4000 fine. The defendant Dai Mou, 30 years old, from hunan. The victim li mou couples in huiyang district new fair work and renting. Is made of a treasure, see a lot of JM are asked something about pregnancy. after ChenJiang Town snorting the drug, walk to the victim in huiyang district new fair town looking for targets, ready to theft. They aim at the victim li mou. At about 6 o 'clock in the morning, the victim li mou's husband after getting up to go out to work, left his wife, li mou one person at the hall room to continue to sleep on the sofa. As li mou husband when he left no good room door, the door 1. Dealt with by the defendant Dai Mou with associates will () to see the door is not closed, conveniently opened the door and entered the room to steal. Li mou woke up and saw a stranger burst into the room, he asked them what since to sit on the sofa. Dai Mou and discovered the accomplices, first a surprised, ready to door to flee, but for god to fled to the door. Two men turned around and see, li mou is relatively thin and garment unlined upper garment, half exposed skin, departed. Two people go to li mou, threaten its don't make any noise, or kill her.

Subsequently, the defendant Dai Mou forced off the victim's underwear, two people take turns to be raped. According to daya bay court decisions, Dai Mou is house repeat offenders, and in the daya bay, huiyang district burglary for many times, if found, the violent robbery. The behavior of the court that the defendant Dai Mou constitute rape and robbery respectively, should be combined punishment for several crimes and sentenced to 15 years. whom The theft crime is increasingly rise for two years According to the statistics of SMW reporter, since this year, huizhou district court has released the first-instance judgment, involving 126 theft of judgment. City of 44, huiyang district, 31, boluo county 14, huidong county 18, longmen county, three, 16 daya bay economic and technological development zone. To steal in a large amount and huge, was sentenced to three years or three years shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than ten years. These data have not already trial has not yet published statistics are trial and involving the theft crime. All these show that huizhou theft crime is increasingly rising in these two years.

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