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WF-011W WAFU Dual System Smart Invisible Door Lock WIFI Remote Home Door Lock Tuya App Door Lock
  • Product Name:

    WF-011W WAFU Dual System Smart Invisible Door Lock WIFI Remote Home Door Lock Tuya App Door Lock

  • Product Category:
  • 1.Dual System, Double Circuits
    2.Multiple Unlock Methods:remote keys/tuya app/touch(indoor)
    3.Easy Installation
    4.Supplied by 4*AA Batteries(not included)
    5.Low Power Reminder
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WAFU Dual System Smart Invisible Door Lock WIFI Remote Home Door Lock Tuya App Door Lock support iOS/Android System(WF-011W)


Note: With WIFI Adapter, can achieve remote lock/unlock by tuya APP.



Security Note:

Reallocation coding function: If you lost the remote key, just use the rest of remote keys to set the code with lock. The lost one will be invalid.



This is an invisible lock, which can’t be pried outside the door. It achieves real keyless, don’t worry about the keys lost, supporting dual unlock system, Three lock/unlock modes optional. No more drilling like deadbolt simple installation, fits for all kind of doors: wood, metal, glass, etc. very convenient.




*No hole design, open or close with remote keys or phone app(tuya), completely overcome traditional locks’ shortcomings, realized real security.

*Dual system, double circuits, work independently. Using standby system to unlock when main system is broken down,

*Three lock/unlock modes optional: remote keys, phone app(long distance remote control) lock/unlock, indoor touch manual switch lock/unlock.

*No drills needed, easy installation on all kinds of doors, very convenient.

*When the battery is low, buzzer alarm, means that changing batteries is necessary.



Host Machine:

Item Type: Invisible Lock

Color: sliver

Transmission Method: Wireless, Touch

Transmission Frequency: 433.92MHZ(±50KHZ)

Operation Range: Within 15m

Unlock Mode: Remote Key/ Touch/ tuya App

Power Supply: 4*AA batteries (not included)

Battery Life: can be used for 6 months (main system using 20 times per day)

Material: Stainless Steel + Plastic

Item Size (With Lock Catch): Approach. 17.7 * 8.2 * 3.5cm  

Item Weight (With Lock Catch): Approach. 534g


Remote Controller:

Standard Number: 4pcs(included)

Power Supply: 1*3V CR2032 button battery (included)

Function: Lock , Unlock

Max Controller Number: 20 (not included)

Item Size (Per): 6*3*1cm

Item Weight (Per): 25g


WIFI Adapter:

Color: Sliver

Size: 80*30*10mm

Weight: 25g

Frequency: 2.4G

Supply Power: AC

Unlock Method: App(remote control)

Transmission Method: WIFI

App Support: iOS, Android System



Package Information:

Package Size: Approx.22.2*19.5*5.8cm

Package Weight: Approx. 1176g



Package List:

1* Main Lock

1* Installation Board

1* Lock Catch

4* Remote Controllers

1* Bag of Mounting Screws

1* User Manual (English)

1* WIFI Adapter


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